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Specialists in Precision Engineering, CNC Machining, Spark Erosion, Wire EDM and 3D Metal Additive Manufacturing

AGEMASPARK LTD are specialists in Precision Engineering, CNC Machining, Spark Erosion, Wire EDM and now have 3D Metal Additive Manufacturing capabilities. We can therefore offer our customers Advanced Tooling Research, Design and Development services, Process Automation and Reverse Engineering services utlising our Laser Scanning equipment, and a full Project Management service. Our extensive network of suppliers and the team at AGEMASPARK allows us to offer fully automated turnkey solutions for many manufacturing project applications.

With our new 3D metal printing capability we can additionally offer ceramic coated injection mould tool inserts, with conformal cooling and temperature sensing, to provide improved part quality and reduced cycle times from smaller tools. We can also supply 3D printed protoypes and low volume functional components in Maraging Steel and Stainless Steel.

What makes AGEMASPARK unique is our strong reputation for quality and progressive solutions to solving our customers' problems. We serve many sectors of manufacturing including the Aerospace, Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Medical, Food Processing and Packaging industries. We excel at providing injection mould tool design and manufacturing services to many sectors of the plastics industry and have a proven track record in delivering a high quality service over many years.

The Team

The experience of the AGEMASPARK workforce covers a broad range of manufacturing operations, utlising our up to date EDM facilities, CNC Milling Centres, CMM Inspection equipment, CAD/CAM facilities and a new 3D Metal Additive Manufacturing facility, providing our customers with all the necessary technical support services.

The company’s strength is based on the motivation and experience of this highly skilled workforce, all of whom are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest levels of service.

All aspects of the business are overseen by our Managing Director, Paul Stockhill, a time-served experienced engineer, who continues to maintain a hands on approach to serving our customers' needs. 

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Services Agemaspark Ltd Provide



1 x Fanuc Robocut Alpha 1IC 5 axis submerged with a 350mm cut height | 2 x Joemars 655 5 axis submerged with a 350mm cut height | 1 x ONA 740 5 axis submerged with a 400mm cut height


2 x Joemars manual small fast hole drill 0.3mm to 6.0mm dia


1x Jomars NP50 CNC full PC based software with xz & yz orbit facilities | 1x Jomars P50 CNC X 3 full orbit & vectoring facilities | 1x EZE 2030 Manual | 2x EZE 3040 CNC full orbit & vectoring facility | 2x Large 1450 Hurco manual with rise & fall


1x Hardinge VMC 1000 capacity 1000x550x500 | 1x FANUC Robodrill Alpha TZ1D 10,000 RPM | 1x XYZ 1510 HD Vertical Machining Centre w/ Siemens 828D CNC | 1x XYZ 710 Vertical Machining Centre w/ Siemens 828D CNC | Also supporting knee mills manual


1x Harrison Alpha CNC 1400XS | 1x Harrison Alpha CNC 1350S | 1x HARDINGE cobra 42 CNC precision turning centre Fanuc T21T | 1x FEMCO twin turret CNC turning centre Fanuc OT


2x Eurospark auto surface grinder L500xW250xH500 | 1x XYZ Surface grinder L500xW250xH500


1x Jones & Shipman 1300 | 1x Jones & Shipman 1400


5 Tonne Crane Facility | Bead blasting


1x Mitutoyo 574 CMM | 1x ROMER Absolute Inspection Arm 7525SI with Integrated RS2 laser 1x Scanner with SC-132PL Space-Claim Engineering software


3x seats of SolidWorks 2017 | 2x seats of Depo CAM | 2x seats of CAM Write 4-axis wire software


1x EOS M290 DMLS machine | Build volume 250x250x325mm (inc plate) | Capability of printing Maraging Steel MS1, Stainless Steel CX

Company Statistics

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  • June 2020
  • 15
  • 2002
  • £950,000

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Sandall Carr Rd, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN31QL
Tel: 01302 882666