Agemaspark launches new 3D metal additive manufacturing service

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Agemaspark are excited to announce that it now has 3D metal printing capabilities, further adding to its wide range of specialist precision engineering services.

A new EOS M290 DMLS machine was installed and fully commissioned in January and is now housed in its own 3D printing room at the business's Doncaster site. This gives Agemaspark the ability to build 3D metal printed parts up to 250mm x 250mm x 290mm in size, from MS1 maraging steel, which is ideal for injection mould tool inserts. By using 3D printing technology Agemaspark are able to design and manufacture tooling inserts with conformal cooling channels and in-built temperature sensing which enables greater control of the mould tool cooling cycle, resulting in improved part quality and reduced overall cycle times. Agemaspark have also partnered with a specialist coatings company to develop a hard ceramic coating for the 3D printed material, which improves tool durability and life, making it ideally suited to high volume, multi-cavity, precision mouldings.

In addition to tooling inserts, Agemaspark are able to provide 3D metal printed functional prototypes and low volume part manufacture, giving customers the chance to rapidly evaluate new component designs and ideas.

Paul Stockhill, MD, commented that “We’re proud that we have this expertise within South Yorkshire and ultimately, the UK, to deliver these types of products, reducing reliance on external suppliers and imports and increasing our competitiveness within the market as a whole.”

To discuss your 3D metal printing requirements further or to find out more about the capabilities of this new technology please contact Paul Stockhill on 01302 882666, [email protected].